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Hosting Upgrade

December 14th 2006 in General, Personal

From my inbox:


I am glad to inform you that we are going for a hosting server upgrade.

The new servers have a Downtime Redundancy Mechanism (DRM) alongwith improved performance due to processing load sharing over a cluster.

We are expecting to start transferring the site from 15 December 2006 8 PM IST. You are requested not to make any changes to your site after 15 December 7 PM IST. A complete transfer is likely to take about 48 hours, mainly due to DNS propogation.
Quick FAQ

Q. What is Downtime Redundancy Mechanism?

A. Usually sites are hosted on one server. If there is some problem (hardware failure, etc.) the site goes down till the problem is fixed. However, in DRM the load is shared by more than one server. So if one of the servers is down, the other one takes over the entire load. This setup is usually used for mission critical sites.

Q. Any other benefit of DRM?

A. Yes. MySQL is one of the most processor hungry application. So all the MySQL databases and its processing is done on another machine thereby freeing the resources on the main server. This load sharing results in quicker processing.
So.. expect some downtime tomorrow 🙂 Good things to come!
Hosting provided by mailNspace Services.

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“Hosting Upgrade”
Harsh J

Cool, sounds excellent! I’ll take Ashish’s hosting for my next site maybe 😀


No downtime and transfer over within 24 hours in-stead of 48 hours 😀

Now I will go to sleep.

These transfers sometimes creates tension. If you use email with this site, don’t forget to check them with IP once. You can have a look at 🙂


Cool! That’s what i call quality hosting! Congrats for managing such a mammoth job with such grace! I was very skeptical about it when you mentioned the thing to me, but you make it look so easy and smooth! Anyway, i dont use email with this site, so i guess everything is taken care of regarding this site.


Everything is not as smooth as it appears. 🙂

Just consider that I was awake till 12:30 in the night. Then was online from 3:30-4:30 the night, 6:30-8:30, 9:30 to 11 and from 11:30 till it all got over at 5 pm. There were a few hiccups.

But I don’t change the DNS IP till things are in place 😉 Thats the key to avoiding downtime. My main concern was my absence for 2 days from Mumbai :p I won’t have net connection on Sunday from 9am onwards and Monday. So had to have things in order before that time 😉


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