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Kalpik Nigam

Acrobat Reader Actually Reads, with Voice!

February 26th 2007

PDF documents are very familiar among the computer users especially those from the educational field. Sometimes, a large quantity of educational information is stored in this file format rather than the usual Doc or RTF document. In this case, working with Acrobat Reader has become mandatory. Being just a viewer, not an editor like Word, […]

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Windows Live Messenger Serves Malware

February 21st 2007

Microsoft has managed to put itself in an uncomfortable position after serving malicious code to Windows Live Messenger users via ads embedded in the instant messaging client. According to the Redmond Company, actions were taken swiftly in order to remove an advertisement banner featured for several days in the IM program that pointed to a […]

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Enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound with Just 1 Speaker

February 18th 2007

The lack of personal space is something that affects us all, since the size of our houses, especially in crowded areas, is becoming smaller and smaller. And since Japan is one of the countries with the smallest living space (in square meters) per inhabitant, the people from Yamaha have come up with the very intelligent […]

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Get Vista Features on Your XP

February 12th 2007

Windows Vista is on the shelves! Available for the general public, not only for enterprises, everyone can upgrade the current Windows XP or buy the brand new OS from Microsoft. Due to different reasons like high hardware requirements, software incompatibility or the price, some people cannot afford to do the migration, at least not in […]

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Kaspersky Reveals the Fundamental Vulnerability of Vista PatchGuard

February 10th 2007

Kaspersky regards the Kernel Patch Protection introduced in 64-bit Windows Vista as a joke. Alisa Shevchenko, Virus analyst, Kaspersky Lab, claims that PatchGuard can “hardly be viewed as providing serious protection against rootkits.” In this context, Kaspersky has revealed that the Windows Vista kernel, for 64-bit platforms only, is just “allegedly” immune to modifications.

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Ubuntu CDs only Rs. 1500 per CD!

February 4th 2007

Taken from Mehul’s Blog. I had almost given up blogging but came across this nice incident so had to post it. This is a true incident that happened with my friend rahul, who’s been looking to try linux but he’s a dumbhead when it comes to technology. This dude, Utsav came on digit forum and […]

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