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HD-DVD encryption key out! Digg goes down

May 1st 2007 in Decryption, HD-DVD

The HD-DVD encryption key was leaked over the internet yesterday. The source got dugg pretty hard! It was being dugg so hard that digg was seeing 40 digs per second on this story! Ultimately digg went down and was showing 404 errors on every story! It was really great to see how strongly people feel about DRM. This key actually enables people to decode legally bought HD-DVD movies on linux, though they are only supposed to be played on windows.


Digg Link

Edit: Digg removed the story again, for the second time!Anyway, its still #4 top story on reddit.

Edit2: Digg founder Kevin gives up

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“HD-DVD encryption key out! Digg goes down”

I’m waiting for DRM to fall down 😀


DRM sucks & so do companies supporting it.


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