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Gmail upgrades maximum attachment size to 20 MB!

May 23rd 2007 in Attachment, Email, Gmail, Google

YAY! This move is a lot better than giving us unlimited storage space! A boon for gmail drive and gmailFS users!


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“Gmail upgrades maximum attachment size to 20 MB!”
Ankur Gupta

Thanx a lot..
I have been waiting for a long time for this to happen and it is no surprise that it is another first by Google.


Yup! This is one of the best things to come out of the Gmail stables. The upload speed still doesn’t beat that of Rediff IMO.


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You can easily get the vanilla Pidgin 2.0 .deb (installation file for Ubuntu Feisty).

The only thing i was missing badly were the plugins! I was really used to the libnotify and autoreply plugins. Anyway, so i’ve compiled a .deb here for the Purple Plugin Pack.

Plugins in the Plugin Pack

Auto Accept
Auto Reply
Buddy Icon Tools
Buddy List […]

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Was just trying out AOL AVS, and noticed something.. The file gets downloaded from this directory:

And surprise surprise! Its got a new file there upon installing which, it says v6.0.2.621

Ss listed on…pter=186435857

It is the LATEST version of KAV 6! And its vista compatible too! 😀

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