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My First BarCamp! BarCampDelhi3: AWESOME!

December 10th 2007 in Personal

So.. I had wanted to attend un-conferences since a long time now, but didn’t really get to know the events on time, or the events were outside of Delhi/NCR. So this even was the perfect opportunity for me to explore! The even was held at the Noida Sector 59 office of Impetus Software, which was quite close to my own office, so i kinda knew the area a bit. The event was scheduled to start at 9:30 AM. I, along with Deepak, Prateek and Apoorv reached the venue around 9:15 AM. We did all the registration formalities, and then proceeded to the conference room. We were one of the first few people to arrive there. The first “known” person we met there was Amit. He greeted us with his usual smile (dunno whether he recognized me and Apoorv or not though 😛 ). Then we met this really friendly guy named Ankit, who had come with his baby daughter, who was later declared as the youngest attendee of the BarCamp 😀

So the sessions started with all of us introducing ourselves, along with tagging the event with 3 tags each 🙂 The event started with Navjot’s presentation about GuruGeeks. The presentation was enjoyable, and i appreciate all the effort he’s putting into it! Next up were Manik and Akhil of the Vinsol team with a presentation on deploying rails apps on Amazon’s EC2, again being a very interesting presentation, it captured the attention of all present there. They even showed us a live demo of how to go about it! I just LOVED their sweatshirts! It had “Ruby makes me happy” with a cute ruby thingy on them. Check them out in one of the pics below. Next up was Vineet of Impetus presenting on “Planning Poker – Agile Estimation for Dummies”. After this presentation, the organizers decided to make two batches and proceed with 2 sessions simultaneously. So 2 groups were formed, one was the technical group and the other was the social group (which had presentations related to blogging and social networking). I remained with the technical group. Next up was Jignesh of Amazon with his highly informative and impressive session on Amazon’s EC2 and S3 web services. This was the best session of the entire event (i hope those who attended would agree with me 😛 ). We had to break in between for lunch. Jignesh completed his session after lunch. We had Abhishek with his session “Everyday Productivity with Windows Live Tools”. I personally didn’t like this session at all. It was more like a marketing attempt from Microsoft. I mean the guy was showing off windows live mail (outlook express replacement for vista) as if it was the ONLY email client on earth! Guys from ThinkDigit would know how i felt (this dude was like gx_saurav and iMav amalgamated into one life form 😛 ) Anyway, i think such sessions should not be allowed on events such as BarCamp. There was another “marketing” session by some company offering free server hosting for 3 months to budding startups (sorry, forgot their name). In the meantime, Kapil also joined us. The Vinsol team took the stage once more with Sur giving a session on “Ruby Insights – Some unsaid things about Ruby Programming Language”. Once again, the session was very informative, with him giving some tips and tricks for Ruby programming. He even gave some live demos of small code snippets. I moved from the conference room to the Networking room, where Akhil was giving a live demo of deploying rails apps on EC2. Jignesh was also there to answer our questions concerning EC2. After this, the sessions were over, and people were just interacting with each other. We clicked some pics, and then, were invited by Kapil to Ruby Tuesday for some snacks and beer, all sponsored by Opera Software! Me and Apoorv decided to accept the invite, while Deepak and Prateek decided to call it a day. We had a lot of fun (and beer 😛 ) there and interacted a lot with all present there. We were there until the very end when Navjot (representing Opera Software) paid the bill 🙂

So that was it! Now you’ve got a first hand experience of the entire event! But be sure to actually be there next time! I REALLY enjoyed the entire experience. Im now looking forward to attending such events, and ill be attending OSS CampDelhi 2 next week 🙂


P.S. Ill be updating this post as and when i remember stuff 😛

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“My First BarCamp! BarCampDelhi3: AWESOME!”
Ankur Gupta

Loved to have attended the event if it was not due to some urgent work that too in Noida 😛
Thanx a lot for giving the details of the event..Will make sure I catch it next time!
Meet you at OSS Camp next week 😀


Its been a long time since we talked…
Nice pics..Good to see you attending camps n doing geeky stuff!


Yeah man i agree it was an AWESOME experience ,really had fun..
btw did you think about what we talked about!? let me know if u need any kins of help.


Kalpik, Good to know that you enjoyed the event.

Even we felt that some of the session were self-promotions. We should probably have a separate room for self-promotion kinda sessions next time.

Happy to know that you liked the Tshirts 🙂 We picked up that “Ruby makes me happy” line from, with their permission.

I am looking forward to see you present something in the next edition.

Akhil Bansal

Hey Kalpik,

Thanks for attending and bearing our session


Ankur: See you at OSS Camp 😀

Nitish: How are you doing man? Do drop in here sometime! 🙂

Prateek: I agree it was AWESOME (somehow i cant stop saying that 😛 ). Yeah.. You’ve got me thinking about it.. And ill bug you from time to time 🙂

Manik, Akhil: Welcome to my blog 🙂 I loved your entire “team”. You guys really looked like and behaved like a “team”. I absolutely loved that! I would love to present something the next time 🙂


Hey Kalpik,
It was nice meeting you at the camp. It was coincidently my first barcamp as well.

Looking forward meeting you at other camps. 🙂


Ankit, Welcome to my blog! Hope to meet you again soon! 🙂

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I read, re-read, searched again and again in the post, but couldn’t find a mention of a session by Kalpik Nigam on virtualisation! 🙁 Disappointed.

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Heh, no its not a booze party 😛 From the BarCamp wiki:
BarCamp Delhi is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about about Web technologies & trends, Mobile Internet, Hacking, Blogging, Vlogs, Social Media, … everything about the Technology that interests us. As said before, “It’s about geekery and having […]

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