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Ubuntu to rename top level directories?!

April 1st 2008 in Linux, Open Source, Ubuntu

Well, i just heard that Ubuntu is trying to rename all the top level directories! The proposed directory structure is:

/bin      /system/executables

/boot     /system/boot

/dev      /system/devices

/etc      /system/config

/lib      /system/libraries

/home     /users

/media    /storage

/mnt      /storage

/proc     /system/processes

/root     /users/Administrator

/sbin     /system/executables/admin

/tmp      /system/temporary

/usr      /system/applications

Well, that’s just plain stupid if you ask me.. It will create unnecessary confusion and difference between various linux distributions! I think Ubuntu should strive to be “User Friendly” not “Idiot Friendly”. We dont want another case of the Windows do we? 😉

What do you guys think?

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“Ubuntu to rename top level directories?!”

Its creating unnecessary conflicts.

Linux Disperses faster then it integrates 😐

Praval Singh

Pretty correct! Linux has been the most powerful command line based OS, though in recent times, the GUI abilities of this wonderful OS have been highlighted to get in the novice users. However, linux still enjoys the power of command line terminals for the geeks! That’s one of the 1000 reasons to keep it ahead of Windows 🙂 Now at this moment of union for all linux distros, a different version of directory structure shall mean chaos for new-users. Hence more troubleshooting forums, websites, etc. Let’s hope for some universal standards of directory structure by GPL!


Are we going to see this feature in Hardy ?


No, this would not make it to hardy.


Stuff announced on April 1st rarely ever makes it into any release, hardy or any other. And if it’s not even an Ubuntu developer announcing it… 🙂


There is a FHS standard. They can’t do that so easily.


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HDD: Western Digital 400GB HDD (16MB buffer)
SMPS: Cooler Master Real Power […]

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