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Flash 10 Native 64 bit for Linux!

November 19th 2008 in Linux

Well, i know its kinda old news, but still im pretty excited that Adobe has released an alpha version of a native 64 bit Flash plugin for Linux! The best part is that Linux is the first platform that gets the alpha version, though Adobe says that it will ship the final version for Linux, Mac and Windows together. Thankyou Adobe for showering some of your love to us Linux users 😀

I tried out the Alpha on Archlinux. It was working great with much more stability and lesser CPU usage, but unfortunately, it crashes Firefox for me, when i open Gmail. So, i have gone back to Flash 10 x86 + Nspluginwrapper for now. Will keep trying it as and when they release newer versions.

Download Flash 10 x64 Alpha.

Edit: The plugin works perfectly for me now! Not crashing the browser anymore 🙂

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“Flash 10 Native 64 bit for Linux!”

It might be old news, but is certainly worth mentioning. A relief for huge bunch of 64 bit users.


Yeah! And just an update, i tried the alpha plugin again, and its not crashing the browser anymore 🙂


Wow! I didn’t know it. Gotta test this on one of my test machines. I just hope it work in Fedora9 and Ubuntu 7.04 😉

Thanks for Info! 🙂


You are welcome Ashwin!


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