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Kernel 2.6.28. Now with stable EXT4!

January 18th 2009 in Linux

So.. A few days back, Kernel 2.6.28 was released. And amongst the many new features, the thing that attracted me most was stable EXT4 support. For those of you who dont know, EXT4 is the successor to the most widely used linux filesystem, EXT3. EXT4 boasts of being a hell lot faster than EXT3, and ofcourse with added features.

Archlinux just released Kernel 2.6.28 into it’s [core] repo a few days back, and since then im in a dillema whether i should switch to EXT4, or be content with my current filesystem, JFS. Switching to EXT4 means that I will have to re-install Arch, once the new installer CD with EXT4 support comes in (which should be soon). And configuring Arch _exactly_ the same way as it is right now will be almost impossible! I mean with all the small tweaks and configuration changes i’ve done over one year now! Will be a HUGE task! And nowdays, i really dont have time to mess with something that’s working absolutely the way i want it to work.

Oh and yeah, while roaming around in Arch forums, i found this. It certainly does not give me a good feeling about EXT4! Therefore, im thinking ill wait for a while before jumping on the EXT4 bandwagon. But that leaves me with one thing less to mess around with 😛 But then again, i guess its OK, since KDE 4.2 is just around the corner and im hearing lots of good things about it! THAT can be my next test subject 😀

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“Kernel 2.6.28. Now with stable EXT4!”
Mehul Ved

Put your damn hardware to use. You’ve bought a high end hardware for petting and touching it or what? Make use of it and run virtual machine. And it will have good side effects of releasing a lot of heat, that will help you feel better in Delhi’s winter.


I do have a running VM, but i dont like to run stuff in a VM unless absolutely necessary 😛


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