1. Theme is great. But, too artistic for your blog’s content. Looking at the content that your blog has I’d be inclined towards more gizmoish theme.
    Anyways, it’s still a nice theme.

  2. Very nice 😀

    But I have some reservations on how good will it be in a dark room with only the light of the monitor as a source,, other than that, it is all fun.

  3. I think the same as Mehul, you should go for a theme that looks more thechie or geekie xD, but I always think if thats your taste go ahead…

    Check out my page to have an example, is not THA best thing, but is a theme, where I can organize all my thoughts…

    cheers 🙂

  4. Nice theme!.

    Personally, I felt your old theme was waay crappy.
    But then again, its just one man’s opinion 😉

  5. Nice theme kalpik.

    @Sykora, I broke the chain dude. My blog is white on black… you don’t read my blog :'(

    @ Hitboxx, what is your problem with dark backgrounds?

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