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Weechat v0.3.0 released

September 6th 2009 in Uncategorized

So lately I’ve been using this awesome IRC client called Weechat! It’s minimal, yet highly configurable. It’s got me addicted to it! Weechat + Screen is the best combo! Anyway, a groundbreaking new version has been released today. And if you’re on an equally awesome distro (Arch), then you should have it ready in your repository 🙂

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“Weechat v0.3.0 released”

ArchLinux is teh best distro evah!


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Hmm.. So I’ve updated my blog to Wordpress v2.8.4, in light of the recent attacks.. Have been negleting this blog a lot lately.. Let’s see if i can be regular here! To be honest, twitter killed my blog 😛

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