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Sametime (meanwhile) support in Pidgin on Arch Linux

January 18th 2009

We use IBM’s Lotus Sametime as our IM client at work. And i like to be signed in all the time even on my Arch machine at home. Pidgin does support sametime protocol, but through an external library called meanwhile. Although most popular distributions have meanwhile in their main repos, Arch does not. It has […]

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Kernel 2.6.28. Now with stable EXT4!

January 18th 2009

So.. A few days back, Kernel 2.6.28 was released. And amongst the many new features, the thing that attracted me most was stable EXT4 support. For those of you who dont know, EXT4 is the successor to the most widely used linux filesystem, EXT3. EXT4 boasts of being a hell lot faster than EXT3, and […]

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Flash 10 Native 64 bit for Linux!

November 19th 2008

Well, i know its kinda old news, but still im pretty excited that Adobe has released an alpha version of a native 64 bit Flash plugin for Linux! The best part is that Linux is the first platform that gets the alpha version, though Adobe says that it will ship the final version for Linux, […]

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Im back!

August 31st 2008

Hmm.. So i’ve been out of the blogging scene for quite sometime now. Mostly, i’ve been busy with work, and yeah, i’ve been spending all my free time watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, just like Nidhi 🙂 Now that i’m finished with all 10 seasons, i think ill get some time to post here 🙂

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Ubuntu to rename top level directories?!

April 1st 2008

Well, i just heard that Ubuntu is trying to rename all the top level directories! The proposed directory structure is: /bin /system/executables /boot /system/boot /dev /system/devices /etc /system/config /lib /system/libraries /home /users /media /storage /mnt /storage /proc /system/processes /root /users/Administrator /sbin /system/executables/admin /tmp /system/temporary /usr /system/applications Well, that’s just plain stupid if you ask me.. […]

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Top 10 Reasons to use Linux

March 16th 2008

Hmm.. I’ve been out of the blogging scene for quote sometime now! Didn’t really get the time, or anything worthwhile to post. Well anyway, what better way to come back, then to list out the top 10 reasons to use linux! 😀  If you’re a Linux enthusiast like me, you’ve probably tried to convert a […]

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Latest Pidgin/Rhythmbox repository for Ubuntu

December 18th 2007

Here is a repository i use on my gutsy install which always contains the latest builds of Pidgin and Rhythmbox. So no more hunting for debs or compiling sources 😀 Steps to add the repository:

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Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3, Version for Linux

December 5th 2007

Adobe has released a shining new version of Flash Player for linux. This is a big release fixing a lot of stability issues and also adding a truck load of features! Changelog: New audio/video options H.264/HE-AAC codec support Flash Player 9 Update 3 includes H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codec support that […]

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Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 5!

August 24th 2007

Tribe 5 just hit the mirrors! Get it while its hot! This release includes a lot of new features like: Gnome 2.19.90 Graphical Configuration tool for X Server A new plugin manager for Firefox, which allows to choose readily used plugins such as flash, adblock, beagle plugin etc A new printing system, with a default […]

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Pidgin v2.1.1 Released!

August 21st 2007

No changelog yet, ill update this thread as soon as i get debs. Though, since a month now, i have shifted to Ubuntu Gutsy. 🙂 Get it here.

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