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Is DRM worth it?

May 2nd 2007

So, you are the producer/publisher of a content. You want to make money of it. As much money as possible. You are wondering if you must use DRM or not.

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Acrobat Reader Actually Reads, with Voice!

February 26th 2007

PDF documents are very familiar among the computer users especially those from the educational field. Sometimes, a large quantity of educational information is stored in this file format rather than the usual Doc or RTF document. In this case, working with Acrobat Reader has become mandatory. Being just a viewer, not an editor like Word, […]

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A Windows Vista Zero-Day Exploit Costs $50,000

December 18th 2006

$50,000 for a Windows Vista zero-day exploit. The 0-day exploits have not been released in the wild but are, instead, made an integer part of the underground Internet commerce. The Proof of Concept code for an exploit affecting Microsoft’s latest operating system can cost as much as $50.000.

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Java 6 Released

December 13th 2006

Java SE 6 is the current major release of the Java SE platform. Sun endeavors to foster the highest level of transparency and collaboration on the platform with the Java community through Project JDK 6, resulting in the following key features:

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VideoLan Client 0.8.6 Final

December 11th 2006

Building on feedback from the 29 million downloads of VLC media player 0.8.5, we bring you version 0.8.6 with many bugfixes, as well as a couple of new features we think you will truly enjoy. Most prominent are probably Windows Media Video 9 and Flash Video. Other important changes are improved H.264 decoding, better Windows […]

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AV-Comparatives Nov 2006 Retrospective Test

December 6th 2006

AV-Comparatives On this site you will find independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software. All products listed in our comparatives are already a selection of some very good anti-virus products. In order to get tested by us, companies must fulfill various conditions and minimum requirements..

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Vista Launched at the Burj Al Arab – Dubai

November 21st 2006

The most luxurious hotel in the world was the stage where Microsoft launches Windows Vista, the Office 2007 System and Exchange Server 2007. The three Microsoft products were released with both English and Arabic language support.

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WinDVD v8

November 8th 2006

The world’s #1 DVD and video playback software, with over 175 million copies sold worldwide. Enjoy crystal-clear, smooth playback of your standard and High-Def video and audio. Whether you’re a movie buff, frequent flyer, or just like to watch video clips, WinDVD 8 gives you the best digital entertainment experience. More info here.

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New releases..

November 3rd 2006

Two new releases this week: Nvidia Drivers v93.71 (Official) Adobe Acrobat v8 (Reader, Professional)

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Windows Media Player 11 Final Released!

October 31st 2006

So microsoft is on a release spree! First it was Internet Explorer 7 and now WMP11. And Vista is gonna RTM this month only! Anyway find out more about WMP11 here.

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